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Engine oil derived from chewing gum, batteries, used oil

Castrol’s experiment-focused subsidiary, Nexcel, re-refined waste products to produce a ... Read More

Bosch to pay $100M fine in Europe for emissions software

Auto parts maker Bosch was slapped with a $100 million ... Read More

MAHLE aims Facebook page at auto professionals

Shops with MAHLE equipment can now get updates and information ... Read More

Research shines light on crankcase soot and oil additives

Research at a Canadian university indicated that calcium-based motor oil ... Read More

NOLN launches list of direct-injection engines

It may have been quicker to list the engines that ... Read More

Most drivers unsure about making jump to EVs, AAA survey finds

A lot of Americans still aren’t jumping toward electric vehicles, ... Read More

Valvoline announces new locations

Valvoline recently announced the openings of two more company-owned quick ... Read More

Shop asks customers to sing for their service

A Texas auto shop decided to accept vocal performances in ... Read More

Ford recalls 270k Fusions for shifter issue

A safety recall issued by Ford addresses a shifter cable ... Read More

Do liquefied bananas make good motor oil?

The short answer is no, but it looked like a ... Read More

As new oil standards are adopted, the devil is in the details

On April 3, 2019, the API Auto/Oil Approval Panel (AOAP) ... Read More

Signing off from iFLEX 2019

NASHVILLE, May 15, 2019—Activities are winding down on day three ... Read More

AOCA puts spotlight on labeling compliance

NASHVILLE, May 15, 2019—Some of the labeling and receipt requirements ... Read More

Digital marketing to win customers, search rankings

NASHVILLE, May 14, 2019—The customer experience as they navigate through ... Read More

Thissen: Succession shouldn’t be a dirty word in business

NASHVILLE, May 14, 2019—Operators might view the topic of succession ... Read More

‘The Telephone Doctor’ offers tips for good co-working

NASHVILLE, May 13, 2019—Nancy Friedman asked operators to call their ... Read More

iFLEX session covers industry’s big tech issues

NASHVILLE, May 13, 2019—Steve Barram, CEO of Integrated Services Inc., ... Read More

Holt opens iFLEX 2019 with state of quick lube industry

NASHVILLE, May 13, 2019—Whether focusing on car counts or ticket ... Read More

Judges reviewing $35M settlement against Ford

Appellate judges are reviewing a previous ruling involving a $35 ... Read More

N.C. man stresses regular oil, filter changes on journey to 1 million miles

Dexter Mills took his 2000 Honda Accord to more than ... Read More

Class-action lawsuit filed over Dollar General motor oil

A federal lawsuit filed in Missouri claims Dollar General stores ... Read More

Edmunds: New car maintenance perks aren’t what they used to be

Auto manufacturers appear to be reining in their maintenance plans ... Read More

A welcome message for iFLEX 2019

The International Fast Lube Expo (iFlex) is back for 2019, ... Read More

Victory Lane announces NASCAR and Figure 8 sponsorships

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change announced in late April that ... Read More

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