Throttle Muscle

Throttle Muscle
Throttle Muscle
John Shutt

1440 Jason Way, Ste. 100-107
Santa Maria, CA 93455


Throttle Muscle specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing products that help save operators money and drive profitable sales! Every purchase made from Throttle Muscle also helps support the Muscular Dystrophy Association. What makes Throttle Muscle the BEST choice for operators is the fact that our fuel system cleaners, advanced oil converters and wiper blades all deliver performance that end customers notice!
Our favorite question from operators is, “How will converters save me money?” Actual cost savings is usually in the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Give us a call today, and we can help run your numbers. Throttle Muscle Synthetic High Mileage Converter provides similar characteristics of leading 5W-30 high-mileage oils when added to 10W-30 conventional oil. This provides operators an opportunity to save more!

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