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Ritchie Engineering
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Easily generate incremental income! Don’t overlook the opportunity to add an A/C system check to your inspection protocol — a new wireless A/C diagnostic tool from YELLOW JACKET is making it faster and easier than ever! The ManTooth™ Automotive Kit is the industry’s first Bluetooth-enabled A/C diagnostic product. Quickly test a vehicle anywhere on your lot — no need to pull it into a service bay or hook it up to a larger RMS unit. It provides a precise A/C health status in less than three minutes, with results displayed in an easy-to-read format on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. What could it mean in terms of revenue? Think about the number of vehicles that come through your operation on a daily basis. How many do you think have a low A/C system charge? Given that the current average age of all vehicles on the road is 11.5 years, it’s surely a significant number. The attractive profit margin on a typical R134A or R1234yf recharge makes it well worth your time and attention.

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