PitPack by Chevron Lubricants

PitPack by Chevron Lubricants
PitPack by Chevron Lubricants
Larry Russell

6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
San Ramon, CA 94582


Pit PackPitPack™ is Chevron’s fast and easy 6-gallon boxed motor oil system that is available in 21 SKUs (PCMO, ATF and HDMO), and various rack options — with environmental messaging — to meet your business needs. It gets you out of dealing with quarts to realize significant benefits: lower cost package, frees up cash tied up in expensive premium product drum inventory, reduces safety incidence associated with handling drums, carry more product inventory in less space, improve operational efficiency, better manage SKU complexity, and significantly reduce waste. PitPack is made of 100% recyclable corrugated boxes and uses 89% less plastic than quart bottles. All supported by a global company recognized for its people, technology and long-standing reputation in the industry.

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