Autel AutoLINK & MaxiTPMS Tools

Autel AutoLINK & MaxiTPMS Tools
Autel AutoLINK & MaxiTPMS Tools

175 Central Avenue, Suite 200
Farmingdale, NY 11735


Chevron HavolineAutel is an industry-leading producer of DIY code readers. These OBDII scan tools have great coverage value, quickly read and erase codes, offer AutoVIN detection and include free lifetime software updates. These DIY tools climb the system coverage ladder, ranging from the AL329 with 1 system (engine), to the AL629 with 4 systems (engine/ABS/SRS/trans).

Autel is the only manufacturer to offer a complete TPMS solution with powerful scan tools and high quality sensors. The MX-Sensor 1-Sensor combines 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies with interchangeable metal and rubber valve stems. The TS508 and TS608 tools feature an exclusive TPMS Status Screen: a full system status check displayed on one screen. The MaxiSYS MS906TS is Autel’s only bi-directional scanner able to generate insurance carrier-ready pre-scan and post-scan repair reports.

  • Autel AutoLINK & MaxiTPMS Tools

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