Man Cuts Manager, Hits Employee With Car After Repair Shop declines Check

OKLAHOMA CITY — Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man they say injured two people during after a bizarre exchange at a Warr Acres car repair shop.

Last month, a customer went to the Jiffy Lube near Northwest Expressway and MacArthur Boulevard to pick up his car. He tried to pay with a check after technicians completed $1,800 worth of repairs, according to court documents.

The customer was told several times that Jiffy Lube doesn’t accept checks. The shop has a sign on the door saying so.

The customer then got in his car and tried to leave without paying.

When an employee tried to stop the man from leaving, the customer pulled out a box cutter, said the manager, who was cut during the incident. The manager stepped in, and the customer accelerated backward, knocking the employee to the ground and dragging him about 39 feet, court documents said.

The customer then drove off. Police are now searching for him.

The manager said he and the employee weren’t seriously injured.

This article, by Patrina Adger, originally appeared with video in

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