Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with Nexcel

by Tammy Neal

Castrol recently launched Nexcel, a revolutionary technology that marks the most significant oil change innovation in automotive history.

The system offers manufacturers and motorists three primary benefits in performance, servicing and sustainability:

  • Castrol has demonstrated Nexcel delivers a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions on modern engines. Moreover, the technology paves the way for a new generation of precision-engineered oils delivering further engine performance and CO2 benefits.
  • Nexcel makes the oil change super quick and clean for service centers, allowing them to offer more flexible and convenient service options to customers.
  • Oil cells are collected after use, avoiding wastage of used oil. This oil can then be re-refined back into high-quality lubricants. If Nexcel were fitted onto every car in the world today, it would save more than 200,000 road tankers of virgin oil from being produced, every year.

Nexcel in car

Nexcel In Car 2

The Nexcel system has been tested on a range of engines, from very small city cars to cutting-edge high-powered racing engines in the most extreme of conditions. The system oil flow has been tested up to 600 liters a minute — 10-20 times greater than seen in a conventional passenger car engine.

The system will be fitted as standard in the new Aston Martin Vulcan track-only supercar. Road cars fitted with Nexcel are expected to go into production within five years.

Testing and installing Nexcel on a low-volume car like the Vulcan allowed the oil cell’s development to be accelerated, meaning it will be ready for mass market production much sooner. Castrol is currently in discussions with several other vehicle manufacturers.

Editor’s note: Be looking for a more in-depth article about Nexcel technology and what it will mean for the U.S. auto service industry in our December issue.

5 thoughts on “Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with Nexcel”

  1. While I think this is a fantastic step forward in the way we think about and perform oil changes, I have questions about how well licensing of a product like this will work for the masses. For example, will other oil manufacturers be able to use the same system? Or would this be an apple-esque IP protected system. I think if castrol does their licensing right, it will be a huge hit. Get it wrong, and it’s just another novelty that could have been great.

    • Matt, what a great comparison. We’re just as interested to see how this plays out. Now that we know the technology is there we’ll all just have to “hurry up and wait” to see how it plays out what the effects on the fast lube market will be.

    • Hi Rick,

      The Nexcel system is only for cars specifically built to use it. It does not retro on existing vehicles. Currently, only available on a few track-only Aston Martins. We will have more about it in our December issue!

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